May 15, 2014

"Reader's Digest" version of the past 6 months

Here we are over 6 months since my first blog post. I really do need to be less chatty, don't you think? 

A lot has happened in my life since that first post but I can't even begin to fill in the blanks. Way too much to tell in any detail. So here's the "Reader's Digest" edition...

My mother was admitted to hospice in January.

Bedbugs were discovered in my house after we brought in a small thrift store dresser ... enough said on that for the moment. What a nightmare! ... especially in the middle of all the issues with my mother.

My mother died in February (87 years old) and went to be with the Lord after an almost 9 year battle with PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy) and dementia. She was in a nursing home for 3 years to the day when she died.  The picture below is her high school senior picture. Wasn't she a beauty?

She and my father were married almost 65 years. He lovingly cared for her before she was admitted to the nursing home and visited her every single day while she was there. She is sorely missed! This was the first Mother's Day that I didn't have a mother to buy a card for and to honor. It was strange and sad to say the least.
Here they are on their wedding day, July 19, 1947. My mother made her dress! Isn't my dad handsome? One of my sons says he looks an awful lot like Elvis. Don't you think?


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