Jun 29, 2014

Crochet Table Runner

As I've mentioned previously, I love to crochet. I tell people it's what keeps me sane. I generally crochet every day, usually in the evening. There is always one project or another in process or in my thoughts waiting to be worked out. I have lots of stash of all kinds....cotton, acrylic, blends, wool, thread, baby weight, sport weight, worsted weight; you name it!

I had an idea percolating for several weeks to make a table runner for my daughter's birthday. I was inspired by several projects I saw on Pinterest, here and here, among others. Don't you just love Pinterest? I could spend hours and hours on Pinterest. So many creative ideas.

I thought doing a table runner with granny squares would be nice, but with only 2 round granny squares, and I wanted to join them on the corners only. I thought cotton yarn would be best so I looked into my stash to see how many different colors I had and realized I was good to go. In fact, my stash was so large I didn't need any additional yarn at all. This is a nice project for reducing stash. And of course once the stash is reduced what's a girl to do but go out and buy more yarn.

Working on this project was a bit stressful at times. You see my daughter only lives a block away and she is known to pop in without warning at any time. When you least expect it the door will open and there she is. That's great, all in all, except when you're working on a surprise.

One time she walked in and there I sat on the couch crocheting her birthday present.  But she's so used to seeing me with a hook and yarn that she didn't give it a second thought. When her back was turned I quickly tossed the work to the side, stood up, walked over to her, and acted very nonchalant, like nothing unusual was going on. I can be pretty tricky if necessary! After that I was vigilant. If I heard a car pull up in the driveway or heard the door opening I would hide the work as quick as a wink!

Each square measured approximately 2" square; 3" across diagonally. I made stacks of 1 round squares, which were hardly squares, but rather circles, and then added the second round while joining them using the join as you go method found here and here

How long would this runner be? Well, I didn't want it so long that it would need to be removed before every meal.  My idea was for her to be able to set the table with the runner in place and not have any place setting touching it.

How wide would it be? Well I thought a row of 3 squares followed by a row of 4 squares would work well. It ended up being almost 14" wide across the diagonal row of 4 squares.

I worked on it for about 2 weeks, on and off, mostly in the evenings, a square here and a square there randomly joining as I went...with no rhyme or reason to the placement.  The only "rule" I followed was that I didn't want any squares to touch that were the same color, but since I had about 12-13 colors to work with it wasn't difficult to spread them out.

As the table runner took shape I would think it had reached its total length until younger daughter number 1 would say, "No, not yet. It needs to be a bit longer." So I'd add another 7 squares; a row of 3 and a row of 4 and think, all done. I'd lay it on my table and feel satisfied with the length but then younger daughter number 2 would say, "No, not yet. It needs to be a bit longer." 

I kept thinking it needed to be short enough to not be removed during a meal until younger daughter number 1 (she's quite wise for her 21 years) pointed out that no matter how short it was it would need to be removed... remember milk? Remember what milk does when it's spilled? She was right! This would need to be removed from the table no matter how short it was. After all, kids will be kids! And kids make messes, even darling grandchildren make messes.

So I added to the length until it measured approximately 52" from end to end. And both daughter number 1 and daughter number 2 approved.

After I joined all the squares I decided to do a simple border, 1 row of chains joined with a single crochet at each space and 3 single crochets in the corners. Very simple. I could have used any color for the border but my daughter is partial to pink so it was an easy decision.

I admit that while I was working on this I was tempted to keep it for myself. But I didn't. I gave it to her. And she loved it! I hoped she would.

I have another project working itself out in my thoughts at the moment. I am thinking of making a table runner like this for myself but using fall colors. Won't that look nice? I'm not sure exactly how I'll do it...single color granny squares? 2 color granny squares? 1 color for the center but various colors for the second round? 2 round granny squares or maybe even 3 round granny squares? Lots of possibilities. I'll be playing with various ideas until I find what's exactly right.

Crochet is so creative!

I'll keep you posted!


  1. It turned out so beautiful! I love how it is not just a straight edge all the way around and the pink border is perfect!

  2. Thanks was fun to watch it take form. I'm looking forward to starting one for myself now.

  3. What a beautiful table runner! I am in awe over your ability to keep joining those squares. I just learned the join as you go method and I do love it. And thank you for introducing yourself on my blog - what a great friend-find you are!

    1. Hi Suzanne, I will tell you when I began this table runner it took me awhile to keep track of where I was and how to keep the joins working. If you were to look at it very closely you'd find some joins that aren't that pretty and neat. Thankfully, there are no close-up shots of those places. LOL But all in all it matters little because it's the overall look that counts. thank you for your kind words! Us retired homeschool moms need to stick together!

  4. Your table runner is rather like a metaphor of homeschooling. We work hard at making sure everything lines up well, and it takes us awhile to keep track of where we were and how to keep working.

    The finished project has a few bends and bumps, but is beautiful nonetheless because handmade is heart made, and in this fallen world we all have a few "joins that aren't that pretty and neat." :-)

    Yes, yes! Sticking together after the last homework page is corrected is one of my heartbeats! I'd love to find/create a gathering spot for retired (completed) homeschool moms. Do you know of any?

    1. I love that metaphor!

      I know several moms who are no longer homeschooling but I think they've moved on, with their lives going in different directions. I'm still involved with homeschooling, encouraging and supporting the younger moms around me who are still in the thick of things. I lead a Charlotte Mason support/study group as well that meets off and on.

      I think it would be nice to have a gathering spot for those of us who are highly experienced. Maybe if you start a group moms will show up!

  5. Ooh, I had a reply typed and I think the computer monster ate it. :-( Will try again (forgive me if it's a near duplicate).

    Your table runner is rather like a homeschool metaphor. It takes us awhile to keep track of where we are and how to keep working. We try hard to make sure all our joins are well-placed, but sometimes they aren't that pretty and neat because in this fallen world even our best work has flaws.

    But your runner came out beautifully, handcrafted out of love - just like children. :-)

    And yes, yes! Completed (retired) homeschool moms need to stick together after the last bit of homework is graded. That's one of my heartbeats!

    I'd love to create/find an online group of homeschool moms who have finished the journey. Do you know of any?

    1. I do not know of any online groups of homeschool moms who are done. In my previous reply I mentioned I knew a few moms who are finished though. I wonder if you could start a yahoo group or even a facebook group and put the word out on other yahoo lists. It's a great idea. Keep me posted.

  6. This is so pretty. I love granny squares but I am not patient enough to sew them together!

  7. Hi SV...thanks for stopping by. Yes, granny squares do take some patience and stick-to-it-ive-ness when it comes to joining which is why I prefer the join as you go method. Somehow it feels like less work!

  8. Lovely table runner !! :) stopping by from HOHD link party.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I clicked on your blog. Such beautiful flowers you crocheted on the header of your blog!

  9. Your runners are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!
    Karen B.


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