Jul 8, 2014

Another Table Runner...for Autumn!

I made a granny square table runner for my daughter for her birthday and thought I would like to make one for myself using the colors of Autumn. Fall.  I love those words. Fall, both of those words. It's hands down my favorite season, no matter what you call it. The season after summer and before winter. Such a refreshing time of year; the cooler days, the cooler nights, especially after the long, hot summer. I wish Fall were as long as summer, or even longer. At least Autumn seems shorter than summer, even if it's not. So many colors! It's a feast for the eyes.

Are you ready for some fall color? Or is it much too early to even think about?



I walk into stores, especially craft stores like Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and Jo-Ann Fabrics and I'm bombarded with fall. I uttered my disdain, jokingly of course, to an employee at Hobby Lobby, at how the stores rush the seasons, push us on to the next, and the next, way before the calendar says it's time. She laughed and suggested I not head towards the left because that end of the store is full of Christmas decorations! Christmas! Goodness gracious. It's July. I'm sweating, wearing sandals. It is not time to think about Christmas.

So since I do not like the seasons rushed along why am I thinking fall decorations? First of all, I love the colors of fall.  And second, I want to be ready when the cooler weather finally shows itself, when the calendar flips to fall and it's time to change gears from summer colors to fall colors. Each season has it's own unique color scheme and I want my home to be overflowing with fall color.

I looked through my cotton stash (I always start with the stash!) and I found I had quite a few colors that would work. I did need a skein or two to round out the color palette but for the most part I had enough variety on hand.

I wish the light was better because this doesn't do justice to the colors.

Last week I began this project and I am amazed at the progress I'm making. This one is coming together much quicker than the first one did ....experience... it does help!

When working with the first table runner it took me a bit to get comfortable with joining the squares, but this time it's coming together much easier. I hardly have to think about it. I've sorta fiddled with the process and I'm not sure I'm even following anyone's specific method. Like the first one I made, I'm joining the squares in the corners only.

It looks like there's pink in the table runner but in reality it's more of a salmon color.

How different the colors look depending on the light.

It's not long enough yet....maybe another 10"

What takes the most effort is deciding which color to use where. As with the first table runner, the only rule I'm following is making sure no two squares of the same color touch each other. Otherwise it's just a random placement of color. The colors seem to weave themselves together and take on their own unique look. One color square affects the look of the square next to it. The overall look reminds me of October; ginkgos, oaks, sugar maples, pears, beeches, and burning bushes scattered over a hillside. But that is the whole idea after all.

Q T Luong,

I'm not sure which color I'll use for the border, but I was thinking of perhaps having a 2 round border of different colors. We shall see! I'll post a picture of it once it's completed.

My daughters tell me I should open an Etsy shop and sell my crochet creations. Hmmm....I don't know. I'll have to think on that. I did do a search on Etsy though and didn't find any table runners quite like this one. It is something to consider. 


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