Sep 4, 2014

Crocheted Wreath and Granny Bunting for the Fall

Summer is officially over, ending with Labor Day and the start of school, but it seems reluctant to pack up and move on, making way for the cooler fall. It is warm, quite warm with above normal temperatures. I know, I know, technically it's still summer until September 23 but I'm so ready for the cooler weather. I suppose I shouldn't complain seeing as this has been probably the coolest summer I've ever experienced. It was amazing how many days our air conditioner was off this summer. Very, very unusual.

But the last several weeks have been more reminiscent of July, rather than late August and early September. The temperatures definitely feel like the July we never had. And since it's so warm, (or shall I say HOT), I cannot bring myself to begin fall decorating. It has to be cooler before I bring out the colors of autumn; the oranges, russets, browns, and golds of my favorite season.

That said, I am ready to get the decorating going once the weather cools off. I've finished up several fall crochet projects that I've been working on and I am looking forward to including them along with the rest of my fall decor.

I mentioned here that I was working on a fall wreath. Well I finally finished it! All in all I am pleased with how it turned out. I plan to hang it on the wall in my living room. My inspiration was none other than Lucy of Attic 24. She is one creative woman and I simply love her blog. Sometimes I almost feel like I'm browsing through an online art museum when I look at all the various projects she's done. Her colors are fabulous! No doubt about it, I'm a fan! How I'd enjoy spending a day with her....definitely impossible, not to mention we live on opposite sides of a very big ocean!

Her fall wreath is beautiful and although mine isn't as elaborate as hers it's still very colorful. Even my husband voiced his approval when I showed it to him. He actually commented positively on it using words rather than his normal grunt and a nod. Bless his heart!

I found free patterns all over the web for the flowers and leaves, squirrel, pumpkin, and acorns adding my own twists here and there as I went along. I pinned everything to it instead of attempting to sew them on. Unfortunately some of the pins show but I'm not all that bothered by it. From a distance you don't even see them.

Here are some links to several of the patterns I used: Indian corn, oak leaves, other leaves here, here, and here, acorns, pumpkin, squirrel, flowers here, here, and here. There were other patterns I drew inspiration from as well but I don't have links for all of them. Sorry about that.

I also crocheted a fall granny bunting to hang on the pegs of a shelf in my living room. I was inspired by the granny bunting Sue at Crochet Again made. I essentially followed her pattern for the granny triangles with a few exceptions. I used 4 colors for each one, with no color the same in any round so each one is totally different. There are 7 granny triangles in all in my bunting. I wish the colors were truer in the pictures below. The triangle on the far left looks like it's only made with 3 colors but it has 4 just like the rest of them.

I also fancied up the joining of the granny triangles using 3 different colors, with each row using a different stitch pattern. I'm pleased with how it turned out and I think it will add a lot to my fall decorating.

Now, if only the weather would cool down and I could put it all up for real! Of course before long I'll be complaining about how cold it is.

Some people are never satisfied!


  1. The wreath turned out absolutely beautiful! What a neat idea! And I really like the fall bunting as well. :)

  2. While it hasn't been super hot, it has been much warmer than usual -- more days above 80 degrees F than any previous year. And it's still warm, with more warm weather on the way. So I just don't feel like summer is over, either. My autumn decorations will just have to wait!
    The bunting and wreath are so nicely done! Very colorful and autumnal.

  3. Thanks Lili. Our weather is finally beginning to make a turn towards Autumn. Finally! Within a week the temps will be low enough for me to justify fall decorating! I'm sure the same will be true for you too.

  4. hello linda,
    the wreath is a dream and look very autumnal.And i like the bunting ,too!!
    wish you a nice weekend,

    1. Thank you for your kind words and for stopping by Regina.

  5. I prefer your wreath to attic 24's as hers is a bit busy I think. Yours looks cosier somehow. Anyway I love it and you've done a great job.

  6. Thanks so much for your kind words. I am always inspired by Lucy's creativity from Attic 24 and consider it high praise that you would prefer my wreath over hers. LOL! I'm working on my winter wreath at the moment and when I get it finished I'll be posting about it. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.


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