Sep 17, 2014

Trying to Adjust to the New Normal

Since I'm no longer home schooling, something I did for about 25 years, I am finding myself a bit out of sorts and trying to adjust to a new normal. I haven't gotten there yet.

The summer was so strange. Every summer of my homeschooling years my primary objective was getting my ducks in a row for the upcoming school year. That didn't happen during the summer, and it was strange, to say the least. I did spend some time with my daughter helping her to get the school year planned and I talked with several other homeschooling moms about their plans, but I did no planning of my own. First time in recent history!

I even went through a period of several weeks towards the end of summer where I tended to "grieve" the loss of homeschooling. That was a huge surprise to me because I had been looking forward to being done. I mean 25 years of homeschooling is enough and way more than the average!

I talked with a friend recently who is no longer homeschooling either. She only has 1 child still at home (2 are independent and 1 is in college) and although her youngest is in high school she is not homeschooling him.  She shared that she is going through the same kind of "weirdness" that I am going through.

Those of you who are still in the busyness of your homeschooling or who have young children cannot imagine what I'm talking about. I couldn't have imagined it myself if I wasn't currently walking through it at present. During the busy years we wonder how in the world we can find the time to get everything done. We get side-tracked (or at least I did) throughout the day and blame it on too much to do, too long of a list, etc.

Well I no longer have that excuse and still I'm side-tracked! I am amazed at how much I don't get done! It's as if every day is a holiday or a summer day. You know what I'm talking about here. Those days that are unstructured and have no rhythm and flow. Everyone is always glad when school starts again whether you homeschool or not due to the fact that life will have structure again after the free and easy days of summer.

It's not that I'm not busy and don't have lists but somehow or another I get to the end of the day and marvel at what I didn't accomplish.

 I think I need a good book on managing the day, scheduling routines, and not wasting time. Any suggestions? Anyone out there who has adjusted to a new normal? Care to share how you got there?


  1. If I homeschool my youngest all the way through high school, I will have homeschooled 26 years. I'm at year 16 now. I can't imagine a summer without the planning. It's kinda my favorite thing to do. Your list does look interesting to me though, especially the "pick rasberries" part. I hope you find a rhythm for your new normal soon.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by Patty. You still have 10 more years ahead of you so treasure each and every one of them. It's definitely an adjustment, this not homeschooling any more. The new rhythm is coming along, although not exactly as quickly as I would have liked.

    And as far as raspberries are concerned I'm afraid I didn't too well picking them. When the fruit was the thickest so were the huge bumblebees! Yikes, it's like you take your life in your hands when you attempt to gather them. Still, I did manage to bring some into the house, what I didn't eat while I was picking!


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