Oct 7, 2014

The Snowball Effect

Have you ever innocently begun a project and had it snowball into this gargantuan, over the top, kind of thing? You begin something which seems innocent enough at the outset and before you know it it becomes this monster that overtakes your life?  You think you're moving in one direction, a nice straight line, only to discover that that there are a number of detours that need to be followed in order to get to the original destination.

That's where I am at the moment. It all started innocently enough. I finished homeschooling and decided to turn the school room into a room for me, a room dedicated, no longer to homeschooling but instead to creativity; crafts, sewing, and yarn. Plus this room is still an office with printers and various files and notebooks and office (PAPERS) storage of all kinds. Quite the multipurpose room.

Sounds simple enough. At least I thought so. But to get from school room/office to My Creative Room/office the following would need to be done...

1. Give the walls a fresh coat of paint.
2. Attach 2 recycled kitchen cabinets to one wall, (after they also get a fresh coat of paint.)
3. Clean out the closet and pack away/throw away/give away various and sundry school related items.
4. Reorganize the closet with craft supplies, yarn, and office supplies.
5. Remove the door on the closet and re-purpose a quilt top I started but never finished (who knows how many years ago), into a curtain covering the opening.
6. Move a pine cabinet that holds fabric and craft supplies from the basement to the new room (after it's been sorted through and reorganized. Now that's a lofty goal in and of itself!
7. Sort through and organize ALL of the yarn... (I had no idea I had that much yarn!)
8. Clean out and organize the little dresser that holds office supplies... (there's the packing tape that no one could find!)
9. Move the sewing machine to the new room.
10. Clean out all the sewing supplies... Another lofty goal! (I didn't realize I had so many seam rippers!)
11. Attach a shelf to a wall...but first it needs to be painted.
12. Attach another shelf to another painting needed, thank goodness.

The table top was originally used in the elementary school I attended. Eight children could sit around it. Notice the 4 drawers on the front. I may even have sat at this very table when I was in first grade. My brother added the taller table legs years ago.

See what I mean? ....snowball effect. I wish I had had the foresight to take "before" pictures. On second thought, if I had I'm not too sure I would have had the guts to share them!

And added to the above 12 steps, some of which took a number of hours to complete and some of which are still in progress, I also took on the task of organizing various papers, records, documents, and files of my dad's. Being his power of attorney I've been handling a number of legal and financial business for him for the past several years which has meant quite an accumulation of paper. And since those papers live in this room they needed to be dealt with too.

There are 2 plates on the shelf; one painted by my 8 year old granddaughter and the other (a paper plate) drawn by her 4 year old brother.

Well all this organizing involving this room has caused me to take a long hard look at the rest of my house. E-gads! The whole house is suffering from clutter-itis. Too much stuff, too much disorder. Everywhere I look. Every room needs attention!

Like I said, snowball effect! It's not necessarily a bad thing though. It's been good to rethink how we're using the space in the house and the web has given me oodles and oodles of fresh ideas for organization.

But first things first. Getting rid of clutter is way up at the top of the list. For the month of October I'm following along with Ruth Soukup of Living Well Spending Less  as she guides her readers through a 31 day challenge to a clutter free life. I'm pretty sure by the time I'm done the local Goodwill store will be thanking me for single-handedly supplying ALL of their merchandise.

This all started with the idea of re-purposing one room in my house and look how it has snowballed!

Have any of you experienced the snowball effect in your homes? Care to share?


  1. That's definitely a lot of yarn! :) I love the room! What a great idea to use the quilt for a curtain for the closet...and I love how colorful it is!

  2. I'm almost embarrassed to say this, but there's more yarn in the closet! I should have pulled the curtain and taken a picture of the inside. I've definitely accumulated quite a bit of yarn.

    And I'm also embarrassed to say that I didn't even remember that I had that unfinished quilt top until I began cleaning out the pine cabinet. I found it on the top shelf....LOL


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