Dec 3, 2014

A Tale of Violet

About a year and a half ago I was into some monkey business...crocheting monkeys that is. I made two of them; sweet adorable little monkeys for two of my granddaughters. I used this pattern to make them.

I named the first monkey Ivy Anastasia. Oh, she was so adorable and my granddaughter Libby loved her. Here she is below complete with the tag on her wrist waiting to be placed into a box. She was a little nervous about being in a dark box but I assured her that the next face she would see would be Libby's. That was reassuring to her.

Below is a picture of the pretty flower on her head. Ivy especially liked that it matched her skirt so nicely.

The second monkey I didn't name ahead of time, but instead asked Charlotte what name she would like to give her and she chose Violet. You see Violet was crocheted in shades of purple. Her head, arms, and legs were solid purple and her body and tail were made of a variegated purple. She didn't have a skirt like Ivy did but she was just as cute! Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of Violet before she became Charlotte's new friend.

I'm giving you all these details so you will be able to understand what Violet looked like BEFORE her scary adventure, BEFORE she was rescued after months of being exposed to the hot summer sun, lots and lots of cold rain, and even several inches of snow. Poor little Violet! She was lost and Charlotte had no idea where she was.

As it happened my husband was cleaning out the gutters over the weekend. We had one of those unseasonably warm days, a perfect day to clean the leaves out of the gutters before winter. In the middle of that project he discovered Violet on our roof. Yes, on our roof! Poor, sad Violet.

How did she get there? Oh, that's easy! Charlotte is not an only child. Oh no, she has 3 brothers. One is older and 2 are younger. And it was one of those younger brothers who was responsible for Violet ending up on our roof.

Let's just say, that although Calvin is usually a very sweet and loving little boy he can also be rather excitable and rather impulsive and rather mischievous. After all he is a normal 6 year old boy. And he has a history of being responsible for little crocheted monkeys ending up on roofs. He did it once before at his house. He tossed the monkey up into the air much too close to the house and she landed on the roof. Was it intentional? I'll not speculate at the moment! That time Charlotte was there to witness the crime incident and saw to it that the facts came to light immediately!  She told mama, rather loudly!

We can only imagine that Charlotte wasn't present this time to see her beloved Violet end up on our roof. If she had been there then it follows that Violet would have been rescued immediately and wouldn't be in the shape she's in now.

My husband brought her to me. She was soaking wet and very faded in places. It's almost hard to recognize any purple, at least on the front of her, the side that was exposed to the sun. The back of her does have some sense of purpleness.

I was heart-broken when I saw her. Poor little monkey! How lonely she must have been feeling, abandoned, all alone on a roof, exposed to the elements for months. Not to mention, all the hours I put into making her! I cleaned her up and dried her off. She took several days to completely dry.

Violet is recovering nicely and very thankful to be clean and warm and dry again. She is looking forward to being reunited with Charlotte, but at the same time a little anxious about living in the same house with Calvin. And who can blame her!


  1. What adorable monkeys and what an adventure for Violet! I must say, I'm impressed with how well she's lasted. Thank you for sharing with me!
    Enjoy your weekend,
    Sarah @Annaboo's House xx

  2. Sarah, I so appreciate your generosity in sharing your sweet pattern. Every one of my grandchildren who have seen this little monkey have asked to have one! You're never too old to have your own little monkey!


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