Dec 23, 2014

Merry, Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends and hoping all your various and sundry projects were completed in time. Did you manage to crochet and knit everything on your list, bake all the cookies and goodies, sew and craft whatever, in order to lend a hand and help out Santa's elves? No? Me neither!

Big plans, long list, not nearly as many check marks as I'd hoped to see. I should have begun earlier, like last January. If I had then my list would probably be complete... or not. I usually find that one idea leads to another and so in reality I'm never, ever done. There's always something else calling my name, something that grabs me and begs to be created.

And while I didn't finish everything on my list I did manage to crochet a fair number of dishcloths (you can never have too many and they work up so quickly for small gifts), several mini ornament stockings, 19 little Christmas tree ornaments, a snowflake garland, a table runner and a number of other things which are still secrets, until Christmas! I even took on a knitting project which was definitely challenging, and although it didn't turn out perfect it was successful enough to be used for its intended purpose...another secret that will be revealed on Christmas.

There were also a number of projects that I laid aside with no possible hope of completion by Christmas... a wreath for one. But that's OK because it is a winter theme rather than specifically Christmas, in blues and whites, and my plan is to decorate it with snowflakes and snowmen so there's still a chance it may be completed before the first flowers bloom.

Then there's also the granny Christmas tree skirt I began in October but it kept getting laid aside due to other projects. When I realized it had no chance of being completed I did come up with a great idea. In its unfinished state it was just big enough to be used as a skirt under a little tree in the guest room. And it looks rather nice. Since each row is a different color I was able to stop (for the moment) without a skein of yarn dangling. I'm not sure if I'll finish it as a mini tree skirt, pretty much as is, or continue working on it so I can use it next year under the big tree. I rather like it in its mini-ness.

I hope too with all the busyness of this season that you have been able to find some quiet time to reflect on the Incarnation, when God became man. When I slow down and contemplate that truth it totally and completely boggles my mind. That Jesus, the mighty Son of God, out of love for us, would humble Himself and become a mere man, and eventually die in our place, well, I can hardly take it in.

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year!


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