Jan 25, 2015

A Winter Wreath....Finally Finished!

I've made 4 seasonal wreaths, so far. This is rather addicting, as is crochet in general. I made one for spring and summer, another one for the Fourth of July, one for the fall and finally one for the winter. The only wreath I specifically blogged about was the Fall wreath. Maybe as the seasons approach I'll show you the other two. But who knows? I might make completely new ones by then.

I decided last fall to make one for the winter and even began working on it in early November. But unfortunately other crochet projects tended to push it aside and it laid around in a basket unfinished. Right from the start I had decided I didn't want a wreath specifically for Christmas but instead wanted one with a winter theme that would fit throughout the whole season. Instead of reds and greens I wanted blues and whites with snowflakes and snowmen and that was about all I knew for sure.

To read more of this post, go here, to my new blog, Keep On Keeping On at Wordpress....thanks!


  1. The wreath is so cute! It has two of the winter things I love...snowflakes and snowmen. :)

  2. So glad you like it. It took more hours than I care to tally which of course includes "thinking/planning" time as well as crocheting. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. one of the loveliest winter wreathes I've seen and I've been looking out for them. Right cool!

  4. Thank you Rachel for your kind words. So glad you like it and hope it inspires you to make one of your own!

  5. So beautiful!! I´ve never seen such a lovely winter wreath, nice work ♥
    Hugs from Spain :)

  6. I have a thing for wreaths. I love for my door to be pretty. Yours is gorgeous. I seen your fall one too. I never thought about crocheting one. I am on it. Its a genius idea and one that will be on my hook real soon. I love the idea of seasonal ones throughout the year. I found you on Moogly's HOHD, thanks for sharing.
    Crochet A Day In The Life

  7. Thanks to both Anna and Crystal for your kind and encouraging words. As I said, crochet is rather addictive and making wreaths has been so much fun. I hope you've found some inspiration to go for it!

  8. I love it! You did great work!!!

  9. This is amazing and have found all, I think, except for the banner could you please tell me where I would find the directions. I just love this wreath. And did you make a video of your version of the popcorn balls?

  10. Hi Sharon...I moved my blog to wordpress, The link to the full post of the Winter Wreath can be found here, and the post about the garland can be found here,

    I have not made a video of the popcorn balls. I wish I could easily explain what I did. I will work on it and hopefully have something to share.

    Thanks so much for your interest.

  11. Amazing, very inspiring, thanks for sharing.


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