Mar 26, 2015

A Flower Table Runner for Spring!

I've shared before about the table runners I've crocheted; one for my daughter's birthday last May and another one for myself for the Fall. I also made one for a daughter in law for Christmas but I've not shared any pictures of it just yet...hopefully one of these days.

But now it's spring and winter is definitely a past tense even if it's not particularly all that warm yet, at least not in my neck of the woods. The lilacs do have ginormous buds though and I cannot wait until they blossom in May. The daffodils are peeking up out of the ground and the pussy willows are already open. And we even had a thunderstorm a few nights ago. What says spring better than a thunderstorm with lightning and thunder and rumblings that shake the windows?

Yes, spring is finally here, and while she may not yet be here in all her glory, so to speak, she's still here. And how glad we are to see her! I say "her" because spring just feels feminine to me. Maybe it's all the renewal and birth we see, everywhere we look from the buds on the trees to the flowers beginning to push up out of the ground.

Speaking of flowers I was thinking flowers would be lovely motifs for a table runner. And so began my quest to find the perfect pattern. I had an idea in mind ... flowers joined together to make a table runner with a border of some kind all around. Sounds pretty simple but finding the exact pattern was challenging.

But have no fear! If I can't find exactly what I'm looking for then I'll just have to wing it and pull together my own ...

and Ta-Dah ... I did!

But I cannot take 100% credit for this. Oh no! This didn't originate 100% with me. As usual, I take inspiration from others, from those who have crocheted before me, and in whose crochet footsteps I follow.

Maartje of Silly Old Suitcase (I love her blog!) shared her crochet mini flower garland back in January 2014. As soon as I discovered it I pinned it to my Pinterest board. She has a lovely, simple to follow tutorial of how to make the 3 round flowers.

But I didn't want to make a garland. I wanted to make a table runner and I wanted to join the flowers together using the Join As You Go method. And because of that I needed to make a few alterations to the third round of Maartje's flowers. I also made my flowers with 8 petals instead of 9. So while my flowers aren't exactly the same as Maartje's they are essentially her design and my inspiration and I want to give credit where credit is due.

I used cotton yarn for my runner using mostly Peaches & Cream, Sugar 'n Cream, and a few colors from I Love This Cotton. I have tons of crochet cotton. I can hardly stop myself from picking up a skein or two whenever there's a good sale. (It helps that my daughter works at Michael's and can get a discount on top of the sale price!!!) Plus, since crocheting dishcloths is one of my favorite past-times it only stands to reason that I would have quite a bit of leftover yarn in many different colors.

Once I had 2 rows of 14 flowers all joined together I wasn't all that pleased with the look. There was quite a large gap between the flowers, a larger gap than I liked. How should I fill that gap, especially now that the flowers were joined together?

I spent a day or two thinking about it, and one morning I woke up, literally opened my eyes and had an inspiration! Has that ever happened to you? You're pondering something, wondering, thinking, and you wake up in the morning and the thought is there, fresh, so to speak.

I would crochet little one round circle "flowers" in the gaps joining them directly to the petals of the four flowers surrounding them! That would work! I started by crocheting the circles in different random colors, as I did with the flowers, but again, I wasn't pleased with the look. All that beautiful color actually had the effect of diminishing the flowers themselves. So, a little more thought and I decided to do all the little circles in white and what a difference that made! The larger, colorful flowers were now defined and separated nicely.

The next thing to figure out was the border. Initially, I thought it would be just a simple border of white wrapping around all the flowers and complimenting the little white circle "flowers."

No, it still needed something more. I spent another day or so thinking on it and decided one more round of purple would finish it off.

In addition to a simple single crochet I made long single crochets between each petal and between each flower that reached down beyond the first round of the border into the flower itself. Now the border had a "pansy" look about it.

I'm hoping to post the full pattern for this table runner at some point but until then I hope you are able to get the gist of what I did and hopefully you'll be able to create your own, or some variation of this one.

Oh and one more thing ... I made a mistake while crocheting one of the flowers and didn't catch it until I completed the white border. Because the flower was at a corner and only attached on 2 sides the mistake wasn't caught until it was too late to do anything about it. Oh well! Nobody's perfect!

Can you see what I did wrong?


  1. The table runner turned out very nice! I love how colorful it is! Perfect for springtime. :)

  2. Thanks Karen. It is definitely colorful!


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