May 2, 2015

Lilacs and Good Friends

I don't think there is a sweeter flower fragrance than that of lilacs. It's a heavenly aroma. Who can resist inhaling deeply when you pass a bush full of the lavender, purple, or white blossoms? And if you cut branches of the flowers and bring them inside the whole room is filled with the fragrance.

Years ago, (late 1990's) my very good friend Michelle brought me a number of lilac runners. She didn't just causally dig them up and drive over to my house with them one afternoon. She drove across 2 states to bring them to me making a special stop on her way further east. Once our families had attended the same church in northern Illinois and had both moved far from there; my family and I to central Illinois and she and her family to their family farm in Kansas. She had an abundance of lilacs and wanted to share them with me.

To say I was pleased was an understatement! After all who doesn't love lilacs in the spring? And lilacs from a friend no less, from her yard! What could be better! The thought that she would go to all that trouble, digging them up and carefully packaging them for the trip, in order to bring me lilacs was just so sweet of her, and made the gift that much more special!

We planted them along our driveway and they all survived. However, within two years we were moving. How could I leave those lilacs behind?

I will never forget how sweet my husband was to dig up 2 of the bushes, and transplant them in our front yard. And he did that in the rain! He was soaked to the skin afterwards.

Lilacs must be one of the hardiest plants on earth because several years later we reconfigured our landscaping and they were transplanted again, this time into the backyard, where they are now.

Yesterday the scent of lilacs filled my backyard and my thoughts turned again to Michelle.

How lovely it is to connect that exquisite fragrance with a friend!

Thanks again, Michelle!


  1. Oh... lovely story. You and Heather and my church friend Beth have inspired me. Stay tuned, I will write about it but... flowers here I come at

  2. I'm anxious to hear your story! Thanks so much for stopping by.


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