May 17, 2015

Santa Claus and Wedding Gifts

When my oldest daughter was married one of the gifts she received was a Christmas tree garland made of homespun fabric "bows" tied onto a length of jute twine, together with wooden beads and spools strung between them. My friend Karla made it for her after being inspired by one she had seen at a Christmas bazaar. (I loved the beauty and simplicity of the garland and ended up making a number of them over the years, both for our own tree and for gifts.)

Prior to my daughter's wedding, it had never occurred to me to give Christmas decorations for a wedding gift. But why not? It makes perfect sense! Odds are the newlyweds will not have much in the way of decorations when their first Christmas arrives. It's likely they both will bring to their new home favorite ornaments from their childhood, but they won't necessarily have enough to fully decorate their first Christmas tree.

Have you ever seen Christmas ornaments on a wedding registry? I suppose it might be possible when the wedding coincides with the holidays. But a spring or summer wedding? Very unlikely.

But just because it's not on the registry doesn't mean it wouldn't be very appreciated ... a Christmas ornament for their first Christmas together as the new Mr. and Mrs. Especially if it's hand-crafted. Doesn't everyone appreciate a handmade gift?

Several years ago I purchased this pattern on Etsy and made some Santas for Christmas for a number of friends and family members.  The pattern worked up quickly, was straightforward, easy to follow. It's a basic amigurumi pattern worked in rounds. The only thing I did differently from the pattern directions was to use tiny safety eyes which I glued in at the end rather than inserting them before stuffing.

Please excuse Santa's lopsidedness. He much prefers dangling in the Christmas tree to standing on solid surfaces.
Several times I've tucked one of these little Santas in with the wedding gift and each time the bride told me how delighted she was with it.

Now that the "wedding season" is upon us it's very possible that an invitation will find its way to your mailbox.  If you've never thought about giving Christmas ornaments as wedding gifts, give it some consideration. It will likely be a gift totally unexpected and guaranteed to make the bride and groom smile.

And I imagine too that when Christmas rolls around and they are decorating their first Christmas tree together they will remember you and the thoughtful gift you gave to them for their wedding.


  1. What a wonderful wedding gift idea. Home made presents like these you show make our hearts sing. There so much love and coziness on those.

    1. Thanks Silvia! It works out well. I love to crochet and give while others appreciate receiving. It's win/win all around!

  2. I never really thought about giving something Christmas-y as a wedding present. That's a good idea! You're probably right that many newly married couples probably don't have a lot of Christmas decorations for their first Christmas.

    1. I know! Like I said it never crossed my mind to give Christmas tree trimmings as wedding gifts until Karla gave a garland to Alice. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate to be appreciated by the newlyweds either!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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