Jun 5, 2015

A Little Doll and a Little Yellow House

One of my granddaughters celebrated her 9th birthday recently, and what could possibly be better for a birthday gift than a little crocheted doll? Cecilia already has a small bear, a little bunny and a mouse that I crocheted for her over the last year or two, but this would be the first doll.

Ever since I saw Beth's (By Hook By Hand) new creations, Simply Amis, I had been wanting to make them. They are simple and sweet. I just love the little ears and tiny nose and the way the head is constructed allowing it to turn from side to side. I made the shorter of the two Amis, the 7 inch, slightly stocky doll.

I used two different brown yarns for the hair; a worsted weight and the other a thinner sport weight. The colors are slightly different as well. I think the mix of different yarns works well for doll's hair. 

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  1. Oh, Linda... that is such a sweet doll. I love the hair, the dress... and Cecilia -beautiful name, btw- has done such a wonderful yellow house for her doll. I love that age.

  2. Thanks Silvia! Cecilia is pretty special and very creative! She's full of ideas.


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