Jun 17, 2015

Foraging For Breakfast

I've been trying to walk each day (at least 3-4 times per week) which has been easier on some days than others. But right now I look forward to heading out because my path takes me past my favorite mulberry tree. I posted about this tree here.  And oh my, but is it producing the berries! More than any other year since I discovered it maybe 4 years ago. I mean this has been a bumper year!

When I set out on my walk I pick a small handful of berries for a quick pick-me-up but when I head back I pull out the bag in my pocket and fill it up. One morning my husband and I took a colander with us and filled it to overflowing! And we barely scratched the surface. If we'd had a ladder we could have easily tripled what we collected. 

We've had lots of rain lately and consequently the ground underneath the tree is covered with berries. Mulberries are very delicate fruit. When they're ripe it takes almost nothing for them to fall. You barely touch the berry and it's in your hand or on your head or bouncing off your shirt (likely leaving a stain) or falling inside your shirt. And mulberries stain! Ask me how I know this. I've had to soak both a throw rug and one of my shirts for over a day but fortunately the stains did come out. I've learned to wear my grubbiest clothes and shoes when I head to that tree.

Today, after my walk I ate a bowl of berries with my homemade Greek yogurt. What a treat! 

At the moment I have 3 gallon bags of mulberries in my freezer, and between my family and I we've consumed at least another gallon, probably more. Last fall I made mulberry-raspberry jam and was it ever delicious! 

And speaking of raspberries, the bushes in my backyard are loaded and just beginning to ripen. These are ever bearing bushes and they'll produce a crop twice in a season. Usually one of the seasons produces more than the other and considering how many I'm seeing right now I'm thinking the first crop will be the biggest. Last year the late summer crop was the bigger of the two.

It could be my imagination, but I think the berries are larger than last year's. One thing is sure though. They are super sweet and nummy!

So, in addition to mulberries for breakfast I also had raspberries. What could be better?


  1. Awww... jealous.
    We have had figs though.

  2. Too bad I can't send you some mulberries! By the time they reached you though they'd be total mush and probably leak out of the package! LOL I've never tasted figs! Can you believe it? I hear they're very sweet.

  3. Oh yes and in this case looks are not deceiving!


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