Aug 10, 2015

A Very Unique Anniversary

The day started out pretty normal! I slept a bit later than I had planned but not too bad. I took a walk in the morning. It was a beautiful and cool summer morning, perfect for walking. And I helped my 2 daughters get themselves out the door for a six day get-away. They planned to spend time with their nieces (my son's two oldest daughters, essentially the same ages as my daughters) and go to the Renaissance Faire together in Bristol, Wisconsin.

I said good-bye to them and decided to do some much needed weeding in the front yard garden. Believe me when I say my garden looks like it's been abandoned. It's so overgrown with weeds that the flowers are barely discernible.

So there I was pulling weeds, sweaty and dirty, and my husband pulls up.

"What are you doing home?" Obviously, I wasn't expecting him.

He says nothing and hands me a bouquet of flowers. My mouth drops open.

"What's going on?"

"Read the card," he says. Inside the bouquet I find a card. An anniversary card.

Now I'm really confused and my expression proves it. Anniversary? Our anniversary was in February. We were married 38 years ago last February. What anniversary is this? I'm totally clueless!

Tucked into the card is a little note,

"I want this day - the 14, 097th day since we said "I do" - to be a special day. I want to spend the remainder of our 14, 097th day together as man and wife, with you. What do you say?" 

What would you say?

I was floored! It's not like my husband is never romantic or never does things spontaneously, but this was over the top! The fact that it was so unexpected made it that much more special.

He then asks me if I'd like to accompany him to the Art Museum in St. Louis. What! I haven't been there in years.

Off we went for the loveliest of afternoons together at the Art Museum. We explored most of the galleries. We saw paintings by Van Gogh, Winslow Homer, Seurat, Monet, Norman Rockwell, Thomas Cole, to name just a few. And how excited I was to see Thomas Cole's Voyage of Life paintings, in person! The four paintings are in St Louis only until September 20. These were some of the paintings my daughters and I studied together when we were homeschooling!

The Voyage of Life - Youth
It was wonderful!

When we got home he cooked us steaks for dinner. I barely lifted a finger.

And then he gave me a box of dark chocolate salted caramels from a local shop, Pease's Candy. If you haven't had chocolate from Pease's you are missing out!

But he still had one final gift for me. He told me he was quite certain that if I had found this I would have wanted it and certainly would not have hesitated to buy it. He was absolutely sure of it.

What more can a girl say, especially after such a wonderful day? Let the games begin!

All kidding aside, I am blessed to be Bob's wife. Over the years he has shown himself to be the kindest, most loving and considerate husband I could ever hope for.

It is a joy to be married to my best friend!

This was one anniversary I won't soon forget. The anniversary of the 14, 097th day since we were married!


  1. How wonderful, Linda! I am sure this will be remembered as one your favorite anniversaries ever! :)

  2. Hi Lisa, Absolutely! I've thanked him every day since and still I marvel at how wonderful it was.

  3. Ahhh....that is so sweet! The flowers are beautiful, the chocolates look absolutely delicious, and the artists you mentioned....I recognized except for Homer because of our artist studies we've done for school. And Cole's Voyage of Life series is one we've studied as well!

  4. The chocolates were scrumptious. I'm afraid they didn't last long! Seeing Cole's paintings "in the flesh" as it were was very exciting. And they were much larger than I thought they were.

    The Winslow Homer painting was The Country School, Check it out!

  5. Awww. It's so beautiful and moving. I loved living this day vicariously through your post. We studied Cole's series last year, my girls loved his paintings. So special.
    The weeds -flowers, match your runner beautifully. It was all perfect, exquisite.


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