Aug 25, 2015

This and That and Then Some

The flow of life is taking a turn. It's in the air, cooler air that is. The last two mornings I actually wore a sweatshirt instead of the normal August short sleeved shirt when I took my walks. The temperatures have been in the low 50's early in the morning, which is below normal for this time of year.  It was so chilly this morning that I actually tucked my hands into the sleeves of my sweatshirt at times. Yes, my fingers were actually cold-ish. I won't say cold though! It's impossible to be cold in August in central Illinois.

But I'm not complaining. The season change from summer to autumn is always welcomed by me.


Our tomatoes are going gang-busters! I reach for a ripe one and 2 or 3 almost ripe ones fall as well.

I've picked at least 3 bowls full in the last week and a half and the vines are still full of nearly ripe and green tomatoes. Needless to say we're enjoying tomatoes; tomato-basil salad, tomatoes in salad, BLT sandwiches, peanut butter and tomato on toast ...

What! Don't tell me you've never tried peanut butter and tomato on toast! It is to die for. I grew up eating it and everyone in my family considers it a delicacy. Some would go so far as to say the only reason for growing tomatoes is to be able to eat peanut butter and tomato on toast.

So far I've frozen 3 gallon bags of mostly roma tomatoes and when I get enough I'll be making Italian tomato sauce for spaghetti, lasagna, and other casseroles. I learned from my good friend Michelle that you can freeze fresh tomatoes whole, as is, with no preparation at all ... no scalding, no cutting, etc. ... just freeze the tomatoes until you have enough to process them further. As they thaw the skins just peel off. Easy-peasy.


The sunflowers are finally blooming.

Poor things! They have been ravaged by the over population of rabbits that live in the neighborhood. I planted 7 and only 1 survived to flower. I have been at war with the neighborhood rabbits for several years now. Mr. McGregor and I have that in common. Peter Rabbit should just stay away. I've often wished I could borrow my neighbor's dogs!

I've always loved sunflowers. I think they must be happy flowers with their bright, sunny smiles!


Recently my husband harvested the potatoes we planted early in the season. My neighbor had a handful of seed potatoes left over and gave them to us. Homegrown potatoes end up in all kinds of shapes and sizes; some very little, while others are nice and big.

But the one below is my favorite.

Doesn't it look like a mouse? I almost want to name it and keep it as a pet.


The little doll below is my newest friend, Azaleah. I think you can tell her favorite color is pink.

I just love her pink fluffy hair! It was not easy to crochet. Working with eyelash yarn is quite fiddly. At times I wasn't sure if I was even inserting my hook into the right spot. But with all the little sticky-up pieces it ends up being quite forgiving. I'm afraid once a little granddaughter gets sight of her I will be told incessantly how much she would love to take her home.

The basic pattern I followed, Simply Ami's, with a few tweaks here and there, is Beth's of By Hook By Hand. I never did get around to putting on her ears! But she's still cute.

I hope your late summer is going well!


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