Apr 9, 2016

Reading Challenge 2016: Fourth Book

Well, here it is April and I've just finished book number 4 of the challenge. At the moment I am juggling four books of which only one of the four is a Back to the Classics selection. So many books to read!

The book I just finished is a collection of Agatha Christie's short stories; Three Blind Mice and Other Stories. It falls under the category of Classic Short Stories. I so enjoyed Murder on the Orient Express that I decided I'd like to read one of her numerous collections of short stories.

The book contains nine stories; "Three Blind Mice," four adventures with Miss Marple, three cases solved by Hercule Poirot and one featuring Harley Quinn. I have no idea how often Harley Quinn made it into a short story or book. I'd never heard of him before reading the story.

"Three Blind Mice" is the first and longest story, about one third of the book. Interestingly, it was made into a play, "The Mousetrap," and according to information on the back of the book is "the longest running show in theater history." Not sure I can document that statement but I have no doubt it would be very popular. It was my favorite story from the book.

In true Christie style a group of people are stranded in Monkswell Manor, a guest house mansion, due to a snowstorm (hmm, sounds like Murder on the Orient Express) where someone is murdered, and the detective, Sergeant Trotter, who arrives on skis, works to solve the murder. Well, there are twists and turns that had me guessing left and right who the culprit was. Did I solve it before the end? Well, not exactly, but I did have my suspicions as to who the murderer might be. Actually, I suspected a number of people depending on the particular twist and turn at the time.

I found that I didn't enjoy the Miss Marple stories nearly as much as the Poirot stories. It could be that I'm very biased towards Hercule Poirot since I've so enjoyed the screen versions done by Masterpiece, and the flawless way that David Suchet interprets the character. Poirot is also a bit of an oddball which provides depth to his character. The short stories about Miss Marple were, well, a bit bland compared to Poirot. But I do think Miss Marple is a lovely woman who would make a very nice friend!

The book was fun and a quick read. And I definitely recommend it. If you're looking for an enjoyable escape that doesn't require deep thinking then this could be the book for you!


  1. I agree with you. I haven't read the short stories, but I enjoy the Poirot books and the wonderful TV show 10x more than lovely Miss Marple.
    (Do you review your other books too? I'd love to read any of your book reviews, lol) (Actually, I'm going downstairs now to check my non read Christie books and see which are Poirot and which Marple, he he)

  2. Hi Silvia...Yes Hercule Poirot is the best! I've viewed most of the Masterpiece versions on Netflix. After reading Murder on the Orient Express I was amazed at how spot on Suchet's interpretation of the character really is.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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