May 19, 2016

Dolls, Bunnies, and a Bad Hair Week

I mentioned in a recent blog post that I've been occupied with bunny making recently. I made 8, or is it 9 or 10 of the little cuties, as well as dresses and summer outfits; way more clothes than there were bunnies to wear them. So I decided I would make some little dolls, as I hadn't crocheted any recently, to wear some of the extra clothes.

I made two and began working on a third. But try as I might I just could not get the hair right. You've heard of a "bad hair" day? Well, I had a bad hair day that lasted for over a week! Not my hair but rather the doll's!

Talk about pulling your hair out! I gave doll number three a total of 4 different hair styles and each time I pulled it all out, every last strand! Do you have any idea how much time I spent on that endeavor? It was getting a little ridiculous. I'd lay her aside, work on something else for awhile, and go back and try, try again.

Three times I crocheted wig caps for the doll's head. Once I added strands of yarn, one at a time, directly to her head until it was covered. But each time I was dissatisfied with the finished result! My daughters thought my attempts at dolly hair styling were humorous! I would show them the latest hairstyle and each time they would laugh. They just could not help themselves.

It's not that I've never made hair for dolls before. I can think off hand of at least ten to twelve dolls that I've made, all of which turned out nicely, hair and all. And even the first two dolls I most recently made ended up with fairly nice hair.

But with doll number three it was just not happening.

Then, I had an idea! Why not give her some bunny ears and forget the hair altogether! The perfect solution to "bad hair!"

Even though she had feet and a little bit of a nose just like the dolls, she could still be a bunny, and who would be the wiser! Why, you might think that was the original intention!

She's not perfect, that's for sure. When I look very closely at her head I can see faint color stains, remnants of some of my failed hair attempts. And her ears aren't placed exactly as I would have liked either, but that's OK.

I just couldn't bring myself to mess with her head yet again! Poor thing! I think she is relieved that I am letting well enough alone!

She's not exactly like the other bunnies I made earlier. She's a bit taller, her head is larger, her ears are shaped a bit differently, and like I said earlier she has feet like the dolls. No, she's a one of a kind bunny! But I expect she may have "siblings" before long.

I do like her though, imperfections and all! And the thought has occurred to me that perhaps I should stick with bunny making and leave dolls with hair alone for awhile!


  1. Very cute! The hair on those dolls looks fine to me.

  2. In a way it's very special to have been created with a full story of your birth.
    It makes me think my girls are not what I thought they'd be, but much better, in their own ways.

  3. How adorable! The doll in orange reminds me of my daughter at about age three, with just that hair style!

  4. Funny! Each of my three daughters all had that hair style when they were young. Aren't ponytails great for keeping the hair under some kind of control?


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