May 26, 2016

One Little Bunny Finds a New Home

I've made a number of little bunnies now, all based (more or less) on Mo's lovely Angie Bunny pattern.  The bunnies I've recently made (so far!) are sitting together in a basket on the work table in my craft room but today I brought them outside for some fresh air!

They seem to be quite happy snuggled together, but I've explained to them that they won't be staying together indefinitely. No, these bunnies are meant to be shared and I know of several sweet little granddaughters who would love to have one (or even two!).

In a few days a Little Bunny will be saying good-bye to her "sisters." She is the first one to venture out into the world! And while she's a little sad to be saying good-bye she's also quite excited to be going soon to her new home. Not only will she meet Cecilia, my soon to be 10 year old granddaughter, but she will also meet a number of crocheted friends. Little Bunny is about the same size as the Little Doll I made for her last year and I am pretty sure they will be able to share clothes!

Over the past several years I've crocheted several little dolls and animals, etc, for her and for her younger brother including a bear, the Little Doll, several little Peeps, another  bunny (different pattern) complete with her own purse, several cars, and two robots. Yes, Little Bunny will meet lots of new friends in her new home and I'm sure she will be very happy.  


  1. Little Bunny is so cute! Cecilia will be thrilled!

  2. Yes, she was! I delivered it to her yesterday and she was quite pleased!


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