Aug 10, 2016

Introducing Little Miss Bunny

This has been the year of the bunny for me. I have lost track of how many bunnies have come into the world thanks to my trusty crochet hook and yarn. As I've mentioned in several posts, I started down this rabbit trail with Mo's Angie Bunny. And from there I took off!

As is so often the case I begin with a pattern but before too long I find myself making changes. That's what happened with the original Angie Bunny. I used a larger hook, different yarn, made the head moveable, added a little nose, and made the bunny able to sit. The legs have feet, and I changed the stitch count and pattern of the head and made the body a bit wider at the shoulders. And in addition to all of those changes I gave the bunny larger eyes and lop ears (some longer, some shorter) instead of sticky-up ears.

And thus was born, Little Miss Bunny. To read more please go to my new blog...


  1. Awww. I love reading the story of your babies, it's a crochet birth story, so sweet and interesting.

    They are adorable. And two of those will soon be adopted by us. (Like you, secretly, I want them for me more than my girls).

  2. Thanks Silvia! Yes, very soon I will be packing them carefully and sending them on to their new home. They are excited to be going, but very glad they will be together for the journey. It's a little scary being packed in a dark box no matter how carefully and comfortably you are wrapped up!

  3. these bunnies are totally adorable!

  4. So cute!!! I love their little shoes.

  5. Which ones? ...the shoes crocheted on or the ones that can get lost? ha ha!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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