Dec 13, 2016

Little Owl Ornaments

For a number of years I've given my grandchildren Christmas ornaments. Recently I've crocheted them and with fifteen grandchildren this is no small undertaking. In previous years I've crocheted Icicle Boys and GirlsLittle Christmas Trees, Santas, Snowmen, Little Stockings, and Matryoshka Dolls. I began the little owls in late August. Good thing too because I made numerous changes along the way.

Shortly before I wrapped them in November I took them outside to my neighbor's yard. She has a beautiful "Christmas" tree in her front yard and I hung all the little owls on it so I could take some photos.

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  1. Well thank you Sisson Clan! So good to "see" you here! Jeri, I don't know if you remember the Nativity figure Christmas ornaments you painted and gave to me about a hundred years ago! They still find a place on our tree every single year...


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